Vispring beds: in the best English traditions

The Sierra Blanca Resort Spa rooms feature Vispring beds, which have been manufactured for the British royal family since 1901 and adorned the first class cabins of the legendary ocean liner Queen Elizabeth II, and the suites of the luxurious Park Lane and Savoy hotels. Vispring's custom-made mattresses guarantee exceptional comfort and restful sleep.
Vispring beds: English traditions of workmanship

Vispring beds

Vispring pays tribute to English craftsmanship and craftsmanship, embodying a quintessentially British concept of elegance. Vispring mattresses are handcrafted to create the perfect environment for a restful sleep.

Vispring beds: mattress made of natural materials adapts to the shape of the body

Softness and aesthetics

Vispring combines traditional craftsmanship with an unfussy aesthetic. The mattress is made from exceptionally soft natural materials, adapts to the shape of the body and is suitable for people of different constitutions. The mattress offers exceptional support and temperature regulation capabilities. The softness of the beds is ensured by a skillful combination of fillers.

Vispring beds: the international standard of luxury and sophistication

Luxury and perfection

Vispring beds, like a tailored suit, combine technical excellence with a personal touch. The constant pursuit of impeccable quality is combined with an unwavering respect for the traditions of craftsmanship. Vispring beds remain today the international standard of luxury and sophistication.

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