Spa services at the Sierra Blanca Resort Spa

Sierra Blanca Resort Spa guests have at their disposal:
Events organization, children's rest/entertainment area, transfer, adult education courses.

Our services

Additional services at Sierra Blanca Resort Spa: event management
Events organization

Hold the event at the hotel-boutique Sierra Blanca Resort Spa. The hotel has created an event space that adapts to customers' needs. There is an author's kitchen restaurant on the ground floor and a spacious terrace with a swimming pool, there is a lounge zone on the roof of the building with tents for rest and views on the far coast of Africa and Gibraltar.

Additional services at Sierra Blanca Resort Spa: children's recreation area
Children's entertainment area

There is a special health-promoting room for children, a recreation area and a garden playground where children can learn Spanish, Arabic and English, drawing, sculpting or music.

Animation for children
· Culinary workshop;
· Creative workshop;
· English, Spanish and Arabic classes;
· Tennis classes;
· Babysitting services.

Additional services at Sierra Blanca Resort Spa: transfer

Sierra Blanca Resort Spa offers transfers to and from the airport. Please, write the day before checkout to book your car.

Additional services

Room service
Room service!
We will order tickets for you to any destinations and events!
Dry cleaning
The hotel staff will take care of your clothes during your trip!

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