Dr. Blum Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Center is located on the territory of the hotel.

A health studio based on the Dr. Evgeniy Blum author's method is exclusively equipped for Sierra Blanca Resort Spa. It is based on the health recovery by biomechanical methods. The work is carried out on the author's training modules on personalized recovery programs. After biomechanical diagnosis, Dr. Blum develops a personalized program taking into account to personal characteristics and tasks.
Sierra Blanca Resort Spa: 12 wellness programs BLUM HEALTH & BEAUTY

Profile areas: anti-stress, detox and rejuvenation


I. Ultimate-Detox
II. Express-detox
III. Anti-age
IV. De-Stress
V. Wellness
VI. Special Module

Each of the six programs includes personalized health curator support, daily training on the Professor E.E. Blum author's method, SPA complex and massage procedures, recommendations on sleep, menu and water:

• Initial appointment with a health curator: at the first consultation, the doctor individually collects the SPA menu, training program, nutrition and water intake, taking into account personal preferences and health status.

• Accompanying the health curator: adjusting your training plan, monitoring health and progress.

• The final admission of the health curator includes monitoring the results and developing a health strategy.

*The "Absolute Detox" and "Express Detox" programs include a detox menu. The menu is added to the rest of the programs on the recommendation of the health curator.


• Intelligent evenings with Professor E.E. Blum on "Systemic Detoxification," "Women Health," "Preventive Personalized Medicine," "Biomechanics of Health";

• Nephrite Spa, based on imperial jade: hammam, heated by environmentally friendly sauna technologies using a human-energy-restoring ABASH tree;

• Fito-bar: Natural tea and Montecelio coffee based on first-class raw materials based on the recipes of ancestors from countries where tea and coffee ceremonies are more than tradition and ritual.

• Nordic walking paths;

• The "Health Garden" for rest and recovery;

• A seawater pool.

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