Imperial Jade Spa
at the Sierra Blanca Resort Hotel

Welcome to the boutique hotel Sierra Blanca Resort Spa, in Marbella on the Sierra Blanca, in a prestigious and picturesque location
Rest and relaxation at Nephrit Spa

Calm and relaxation

Feel the healing power of water while immersing yourself in a bath, touching warm, wet surfaces or being enveloped in steam. The Imperial Jade SPA Center offers signature massages, facial and body treatments, and rituals. Each of our guests will find their own individual path to calm and balance.
Hammam, sauna, wraps, peeling, 24 types of massage

Healing properties of jade

The SPA Center includes a hammam, a Finnish sauna, a jacuzzi, an outdoor pool with heated sea water surrounded by a cedar park and rooms with heated jade massage tables. We use the healing properties of jade - a natural energy accumulator that restores strength, harmony and balance of the body from the inside and outside.


3 spa rooms for hammam treatments with heated surfaces made of imperial jade, a Finnish sauna made of abash wood and a jade stove, a complex of aromatic spa treatments with a steam bath with aromatherapy climate Isolated swimming pool bathtub for water massage

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