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Shower room in a Deluxe room
Bathroom in a Deluxe room
General view of the Deluxe room
Pool terrace in a Deluxe Room
Sofa bed in a Luxury Family room
Facilities in a Deluxe room
Standard room is 20 m2 and suitable for individual accommodation and for two persons. The room terrace opens to the seawater pool.
The room interior combines traditional Spanish aesthetics and comfort: doors made of massive oak, warmth of natural wood, marble from famous Spanish quarries, soft brass glitter. For comfortable sleep and rest, the room is equipped with lightproof curtains. The bed measuring 180x200 cm, with a legendary Vispring brand mattress (the Elite model), which is custom made and completely by hand, relaxes and immerses in bliss. The beds headboards are made by hand from 100-year-old wood. The room is equipped with an eco-friendly smart home system and eliminates the occurrence of static electricity. The floors are heated by hot water.
There are 14 STANDARD rooms in the hotel


Room area : 20 m2
Maximum number of people : 2

Amenities in the room

Plasma TV
Smart home system

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Sierra Blanca Resort Spa: Junior Suite
Sofa bed: 190x170 cm
Room area: 40 m2
Maximum number of people: 4
Sierra Blanca Resort Spa: Junior Suite with Terrace
Sofa bed: 190x170 cm
Room area: 40 m2 + terrace 50 m2
Maximum number of people: 4
Sierra Blanca Resort Spa: Luxury Family room
Sofa bed: 190x170 cm
Room area: 60 m2 (2 rooms)
Maximum number of people: 6

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